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Kalekalè. Story of an adoption

collana: Capricci fascia d'età: Catalogo formato: 17 x 24 cm, flexicover foliazione: 280 pagg. edizione: gennaio 2019 note: testo in inglese
isbn: 9788893486439

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€ 4,99

Kalekalè is the story of an adoption written by a mother. The book is about the important events of this family adventure, from the moment in which they waited for the baby to the moment in which the child became an adult. The story explores very different aspects of this experience: the difficult relationship with bureaucracy, the attitude of relatives, friends, teachers and local people toward an Indian child, in the 80s, in Italy. An adoption is not an easy and obvious experience; it’s natural, it’s tough, and it’s extremely emotional.

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